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Our Newest brand spinoff by legal lean is a botanical herbal kratom extract syrup Meant to uplift and enhance peoples moods in their everyday lives. With our target customers being health and fitness as well as both young and old looking to get a positive uplifting recharged feeling during the day or even an added energy boost and social lubricant.

Legal Leaf Kratom Syrup for sale


Looking for a sweet, discreet, and fast-acting way to enjoy kratom? Kratom syrup ticks all the boxes and offers similar effects to traditional powder or capsules.

You can use kratom syrup in different ways: take it using a spoon like your typical syrup, place a drop under your tongue, or mix it in your favorite drinks and foods.

Read to learn more about this popular form, from what it’s made of to where you can buy it.

The Make-up of Kratom Syrup

This form of kratom is a kratom-infused liquid concoction made of the following ingredients:

  • Kratom extract or concentrate.
  • Vegetable glycerine or coconut oil
  • Sweetener
  • Flavorings

The vegetable glycerine or coconut oil in kratom syrup acts as a thickening agent that gives it a thick texture or consistency. Meanwhile, sweeteners and flavorings help to mask the unpleasant taste of natural kratom extract.

Moreover, it works the same way as traditional forms of kratom, like powder, dried leaves, tea, capsules, and tablets. It has to travel through the digestive tract first before the effects kick in. Its effects, however, kick in faster than other kratom edibles. That’s probably why it’s gaining more popularity among kratom users.

Buy Legal Leaf Kratom Syrup


Kratom syrup comes packaged in cough syrup-like bottles with kratom alkaloid concentrations clearly indicated on them. As such, they offer controlled dosing, which allows you to control your consumption based on your tolerance levels. This sort of packaging also offers discretion if you have reservations about taking kratom in public.


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