Lean Codeine by Wockhardt

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Lean Codeine Syrup by Wockhardt: 1 Pint (473 mL)

The main ingredient in Lean is the antihistamine promethazine, which can be combined with soda, cough syrup, candy, and in some cases, alcohol.

Codeine/Purple Drank is a concoction that contains a mix of codeine and the antihistamine promethazine combined with soda, cough syrup, candy, and in some cases, alcohol. It is a prescription opioid used for its sedative effects and for relieving pain. Promethazine is another main component of lean, which can also cause sedation and impaired motor skills.

The name “Purple Drank” comes from the fact that the drink is often made with a purple-colored cough syrup. However, the color of the drink can vary depending on the ingredients used.

There are several benefits of taking codeine. Codeine is an opioid medication used to provide relief from moderate to severe pain. Its benefits include:

1. Pain relief: Codeine is effective in reducing pain by acting on the central nervous system and decreasing the body’s perception of pain.

2. Cough suppression: Codeine is also used as an antitussive medication to provide relief from coughing. It acts on the cough center in the brain to reduce the urge to cough.

3. Treatment of diarrhea: Codeine can help alleviate symptoms of diarrhea by slowing down the movement of the intestines and reducing bowel contractions.

4. Sedation: Codeine can induce a feeling of relaxation and sedation, which can be beneficial for individuals experiencing anxiety or difficulty sleeping.

* It’s important to note that codeine should only be taken under proper medical supervision and in the prescribed dosage as it carries risks of addiction and side effects.


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