Legal Lean Grape Syrup


The original flavor syrup with natural ingredients and artificial flavoring.

Dietary supplement

This product is for adults (18+) as is any dietary supplement. Always consult your physician if you are unsure about the use of any supplement.

Legal Lean Grape Syrup


  • Legal Lean
  • Natural, Grape Flavor
  • 2oz Bottles

Legal Lean Grape  Syrup For Sale Near Me


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Legal Lean Mood Enhancement Relaxation Syrups come in three distinct flavors to suit any taste.  Natural healthy solutions to ease stress & relax the mind. Act and Quali are the original flavors. Act has a sweet, smooth grape-berry flavor. Quali possesses a sweet, cherry-strawberry flavor. Our newest flavor 2 flavors, blue raspberry & Pineapple Mango delivers the perfect mix of sweetness and flavor. Legal Lean Syrup comes in 2-ounce bottles. Just Pour up a deuce!

Not to be sold to minors. Legal Lean can be found at most smoke shops, vape shops, convenient stores, liquor stores, and health food stores all across the country.

You have the option to purchase single bottles, bundle-packs, 12ct displays

Available in flavors 

  1. Original Grape
  2. Quali Cherry
  3. Blue Raspberry
  4. Mango Pineapple

Proprietary Blend Of Natural Ingredients:

Among the ingredients are chamomile extract, a daisy-like plant found in teas that is traditionally used as a sleep-aid, and lavender extract, a flower of the mint family with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Valerian root, an extract from the perennial herb, is also present. Other proprietary components include hops, St. John’s Wort, skullcap, and kava kava extracts. Rose hips are potent with vitamins C, E, and K. Hops, skullcap, and kava kava extracts are all thought to produce a calming effect. It promotes normal mental health function and stability.


Grape syrup includes essential antioxidants which have significant impact on treatment of many diseases, including but not limited to jaundice, icterus, Neurasthenia, Rheumatism pains, artery diseases. You can use Grape Syrup or grape syrup drink (grape syrup dissolved in water) as treatment of artery blockage.


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